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Uplift Michigan Online School provides a rich, rigor-filled, technology-focused, tuition-free public education with online curriculum content and MI teachers. 

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Uplift is partnered with two community colleges who deliver courses virtually


In-person and virtual field trips


Safe, caring, and compassionate environment for ALL students. We are very proud of our inclusive culture.


Students are able to participate in many different clubs, social hours, and social chats.


Expansive elective courses offerings for middle and high school students.


To Uplift Michigan Online School

Uplift Michigan Online School is a tuition-free online public school for students in grades K-12 who reside in any county in Michigan. Our personalized approach, online content and amazing teacher support allow increased flexibility for the demands of today’s students.    

Using technology, we link teachers, courses, and students so we can tailor learning to your students' needs, talents, interests, and learning style.    

Our program offers everything your student needs to earn a K-12th grade education and a high school diploma while preparing for college or a rewarding career.

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We Provide You:

Laptops for all students and internet (for qualifying families)

Curriculum and support for at-risk students

Services and support for students with special needs

Certified and highly-qualified teachers

A flexible learning environment

A plan for graduation

Rated nationally in the 92nd percentile in Learning Environment, Family Engagement, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Leadership by a survey conducted by the Michigan Association of Public School Academies  

K - 5th Grade

We believe your young learner can do great things.  Start with Uplift early and watch how our fun learning environment and amazing teachers help your student grow to their full potential.

Middle School

As a middle school student you're independent and you want to take control of your learning.  We believe you can. Click on Enroll Here and we will show you how! 

High School

For what ever reason, the traditional school environment is not for everyone.  We get that and you're not alone! More and more students are choosing online education because it suits them best!

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Parent &



"You don’t have to do a whole lot of things at once, you can work at your own pace. Everything you need is right there. It’s nice to be able to have help when you need it."

Grayson W. | 4th Grade Student

"The amount of help that they get from their teachers, staff and fellow classmates is amazing… Our kids have thrived and I think that any kid can thrive at Uplift because of the programs they use and all the ways they assist not just the kids, but us as parents in helping our kids."

Justine W. | Parent of Uplift Student


Highly Qualified Teachers


NWEA Completion


Michigan State TEsting Completion

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Uplift Michigan Online School will provide an exciting educational opportunity for all grade levels, offering programs that work to create future leaders.  


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